Cathy Weis Projects

Cathy Weis Projects, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, is focused on the creation and development of works by Cathy Weis, a Bessie Award-winning performer, choreographer, and videographer. Her work explores the partnership between live performance and video in order to “pose unnerving questions— about how and what we see, and about the nature of physical control, a subject central to dancers and people coping with the body’s failure (which means, at one point or another, all of us).” (The Village Voice)

Additionally, Cathy Weis Projects presents Sundays on Broadway, an on-going performance series that brings together a distinctive group of artists to share ideas, present works both old and new, and to interact with the audience in a professional performance space where the audience and the performers are up close and personal. It’s a place wheredance history meets the future.” (The Village Voice)

Cathy Weis Projects was founded in 1974 under the name Roxanne Dance Foundation by choreographers Risa Jaroslow and Wendy Perron.  Cathy Weis has directed the organization since 1997.



Board of Directors:
Theodore Berger
A.M. Homes
Mary-Beth Hughes
Emma Randall
Cathy Weis