December 3 & 10, 1995

The Kitchen and the Improvisation Festival/NY in the Electronic Cafe International present

Cathy Weis and Friends 

Created by Cathy Weis
Lighting Design by: Alex Kahn
Tech/Camera Operator: Andrew Perret
Video Mixing by: Claudia Hitzenberger


Piece #1
Performers: Salley May and Erin Fitzgerald with members of the audience

Piece #2
Performers: Ishmael Houston-Jones (in NY) and Dennis Cooper (in Santa Monica, CA)

Piece #3
Performers: Cathy Weis & Jennifer Monson (in NY) and Michael Bielicky (in Prague)


Special thanks to the Harkness Foundations for Dance for their support of dance programming at The Kitchen.

About the Electronic Cafe InternationalSherrie Rabinowitz and Kit Galloway pioneered the Electronic Cafe(tm) and telecommunicative arts in 1977 with the “Satellite Arts Project,” a collaboration with NASA, which has a mixed media, multi-screen, multi-location event exploring virtual space. In 1980 they produced the “Hole In Space” installation, which put Lincoln Center on the West Side of Los Angeles. Over a period of three days, people in Los Angeles encountered people in New York on a life-sized, giant screen and vice versal (a virtual street corner). In 1984, Rabinowitz and Galloway first introduced the Electronic Cafe(tm) as part of the Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival, connecting five culturally diverse communities and the Museum of Contemporary Art in a multi-media and computer network. They have facilitated an ever-increasing global network of Cafes, and regularly host an eclectic range of telecommunicative events, including music events and interactive dance, Telepoetics, Virtual Reality study groups, and their annual Global New Year’s Even Telebration. The Kitchen joined this international networkd in 1994.