March 7-10, 1996

Dance Theater Workshop presents

Fractured, Just the Fracts, Ma’am
For Miriam and Ferd and Lisa Nelson

Conceived and directed by Cathy Weis in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Jennifer Monson, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Scott Heron, Audrey Kindred, Annie Iobst and Jennifer Miller
Stage Manager: Janet Clancy
Video editor: Cathy Weis
Video assistant and mixer operator: Claudia Hitzenberger
Video assistant and camera operator: Andrew Perret
Production Assistant: Alessandra Nichols
Production Intern: Lizzie Harris
Builder: Alessandra Nichols
Bike construction: George Bliss
Graphic designers:Maria Manhattan and Phil Marden
Video documentation: Jody Sperling Erin Fitzgerald


Preshow (Premiere – later called Politicians)



Solo One (Premiere – later called Face to Face)
Performer: Jennifer Monson

Solo Two (Premiere)
Performer: Ishmael Houston-Jones
Music: Leslie Ross

Solo Three
Performers: Scott Heron with Audrey Kindred
Music: Ennio Morricone
Lighting design: Michael Giannitti


PART TWO: TRIO (Premiere – later called Doctor, Doctor)

Performers: Anne Iobst, Jennifer Miller, and Cathy Weis
Lighting design: Michael Stiller
Sound design: Steve Hamilton
Live audio direction: Michael Finckel and Billy Swindler
Saw: Michael Finckel
Screen: A. Nichols

Doctor, Doctor routine references routines by Smile & Dale and from Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys


Fractured, Just the Fracts Ma’am was commissioned by DTW’s FIRST LIGHT program with funding provide by Jerome Foundation of Minneapolis, MN.