March 7-8, 2014

VSA Arts of New Mexico presents

Cathy Weis Projects


An Evening Back at North Fourth
with Buen Viaje Dance Company
This piece is dedicated to Susanna Kearny who made it all happen

Choreography: Cathy Weis in collaboration with all participants
Residency assistant and performer: Ashley Brockington
Sound designer and performer: Lee Free
Lighting designer: Kathy Kaufmann
Buen Viaje dancers: Theo Arellano, Grace Chacon, Bradd Howard, Megan Lenihan-Sisty, Cindy Luna, Jason Luna, Sammy Maldonado, Lydia Peterson, Diana Phillips, Tonya Rivera, Ryan Ruiz, April Steele, Sarah Wilson, and Bill Zimmer under the direction of Bradd Howard


Jury Duty
Performer: Cathy Weis


My Name Is…
Performers: Buen Viaje Dance Company


The Board
Performer: Ashley Brockington


Dance With Me
Performers: Buen Viaje Dance Company


Haiku #2
Performers: Cathy Weis and Ashley Brockington


Additional music sampled from: Can I Kick It by A Tribe Called Quest; Eye of the Tiger by Survivor; Go to the Floor by Missy Elliot; Piano Concerto No. 23 by W.A. Mozart, performed by Richard Good.