October 27-29, 2005

BREAKING GROUND DANCE SERIES at Wesleyan University Center for the Arts presents

Cathy Weis Projects

Artistic Director: Cathy Weis
General Manager: Brian Garber


A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad  (2001)

Conceived and choreographed by Cathy Weis in collaboration with the performers
Music: Zeena Parkins
Costumes: Scott Heron and Kelly Horrigan
Set design: Clare Dolan
Lighting design: Jennifer Tipton
Performers: Jenny Liu and Cathy Weis


Electric Haiku: Calm as Custard (2005)

Conceived and choreographed by Cathy Weis in collaboration with performers
Performers: Diane Madden, Jennifer Miller, and Cathy Weis with appearances by Elizabeth Ward
Live sound: Steve Hamilton
Costumes: Scott Heron, Kelly Horrigan, Danny Michaelson, and Howlpop
Set and puppet: Alessandra Nichols
TV Cradle: Geoffrey Nosach
Lighting design: Jennifer Tipton
Video: Cathy Weis

Haiku 1… Saunter
Haiku 2… Stroll
Haiku 3… Walk
Haiku 4… Step
Haiku 5… Hike
Haiku 6… March


The Breaking Ground Dance Series is presented by the Dance Department and the Center for the Arts and is made possible in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New England Foundation of the Arts and the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism.