October 8-9, 1999

The Painted Bride Art Center presents 

Cathy Weis Projects

Monitor Lizards
dance with the bride… a dance & technology event

Created by Cathy Weis
Technical Director and Lighting Designer: Janet Clancy
Performers: David Brick, Scott Heron, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Audrey Kindred and Cathy Weis


It’s All in Your Head 

Performers: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis
Puppet and Set Construction: Alessandra Nichols
Dramaturg: Lisa Nelson
Music: Hahn Rowe and John Zorn


Twins 2 (1998)

Created in collaboration with the performers and Jennifer Monson
Performers: Ishmael Houston-Jones and David Brick
Sound: Steve Hamilton


Another Lie 

Performer: Scott Heron


– intermission –


Fish Dance (1996)

Performers: Scott Heron and Audrey Kindred


On Old Highway 42 (precursor to A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad)

Performers: Cathy Weis and Scott Heron
Sound: Scott Heron