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537 Broadway, 1910

WeisAcres, located at 537 Broadway in SoHo, New York, is a large loft studio space and the primary home of Cathy Weis Projects.

Once upon a time, there were dozens of spaces in New York City – places where choreographers and artists could gather, show their work, and share ideas outside of formal commercial settings. WeisAcres serves the community in this tradition, as a place where these gatherings can happen now.

From 2003-2013, Cathy Weis Projects hosted The Salon Series at WeisAcres, in which Weis and other artists presented their work – both sketches and completed pieces – to curated audiences.

In Spring 2014, Cathy Weis Projects launched Sundays on Broadway, a diverse event series that includes film screenings, performances, dance parties, and all manner of happenings on Sunday evenings at 6pm. The program is in constant development, growing and being shaped by the people who attend, present, speak, perform, and play.

Please visit the calendar to learn more about upcoming events at WeisAcres.



WeisAcres WeisAcres WeisAcres WeisAcres Performer: Zane Fraser<br>Rehearsal at WeisAcres Performer: Zane Fraser<br>Rehearsal at WeisAcres WeisAcres WeisAcres