Interviews & Previews

A Choreographer’s Loft, Where ‘There’s History in the Walls’
New York Times – October 2016 anger (fixed by cathy) 0.4s

Women of post-modern dance perform on Broadway
artsmeme – October 2016

Dance This Season: Tap, Ballet and the Inexplicable
New York Times – September 2016

Evoking ’60s Loft Life at ‘Sundays on Broadway’
The Wall Street Journal – October 2015

Dance Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond
New York Times – September 2015

Back to the Future (Claudio La Rocco’s fall dance preview, see #2)
Artforum – August 2015

Critic’s Pick
Time Out New York – January 2015

Cathy Weis in Conversation with Biba Bell
Critical Correspondence (Movement Research) – January 2015

Hatfriend - 0.07s

Looking Back on 2014 – December 2014

A ’70s Experiment, Relived in SoHo
New York Times – November 2014

Time and Again (Claudio La Rocco’s fall dance preview)
Artforum – August 2014


Rdancing - 0.07seviews

“Wendy’s Best of 2017”
Dance Magazine – December 2017

“The Building Show: Cathy Weis”
Culturebot – December 2016

Lassoing the Moon
Dance Magazine – April 2005

The Interplay of Live Action and Film
New York Times – February 2005

Choreographer’s Video Games Deconstruct the Mechanics of Dancing
Performing Arts Journal – May 2003

Imagination Captured by Movement, Sound and Imagery
New York Times – December 2002

Cathy Weis
The New Yorker – November 2002

TV Sublime
The Village Voice – November 2002

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