The Dunking Booth (20 mins)

Premiered January 5-13, 2001 at The Kitchen, NYC
Performed by: Cathy Weis, Zane Frazer and Scott Heron


Performer: Weis<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performer: Weis<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performers: audience participant, Zane Frazer, Scott Heron, Weis<br>Screen Capture: Weis Weis in film by Steve Hamilton<br>Screen Capture: Weis

The Dunking Booth is a pre-show bit Weis developed to engage an audience as they enter and take their seats. Seated above a projection screen, Weis appears to dangle her feet into a virtual tank of water teeming with sharks. She heckles the audience, daring them to stand up to her insults.

Her two shills help taunt the audience into action. “Take a chance — dunk her into the deep waters of death where she belongs.” They sucker someone from the audience into coming onstage to throw balls at the target.

When the target is finally hit, lights flash, sirens blare. Weis falls into the video that swarms with the sharks. She gracefully swims through the tank, spinning and turning to avoid the sharks’ powerful jaws. She is like a seasoned matador, goading the bull just before its death. With a final twist, the theater is suddenly plunged into darkness and the show begins.


Performance history:

The Kitchen, NYC (2001 – premiere)
Scripps College, CA (2001)
Colorado College, CO (2001)
Temple University, PA (2001)