A Lecture on Walking

Premiered February 11, 2000 at Franklin Furnace, NYC
Performed by: Jennifer Miller and Cathy Weis


On all fours, Weis crawls across the space from stage left to right, pushing a live camera across the floor in front of her. Jennifer Miller leads the way, walking directly in front of the camera which is zoomed in tight on the back of her heel. As the two performers parade across the stage, the huge image of Miller’s foot is projected behind them, walking away from the audience.

They are scientists, and the camera is their microscope. Their investigation examines the technical precision required for walking, revealing a new perspective on something so common as a single step.


Performance history:

Artists Space, NYC (1995 – precursor)
Franklin Furnace, NYC (2000 – premiere)
Franklin Furnace, NYC (2004)
Franklin Furnace, NYC (2009)