Monitor Lizards

Premiered April 9-10, 16-17, 23-25, 1999 at Dixon Place, NYC
Performed by: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis


Monitor Lizards was made to travel. Over the course of three years, Weis and Scott Heron presented this work at performing arts centers and universities in the United States and Macedonia.

The show combines several works into an evening event. A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad was regularly included, but additional segments varied from place to place. Some of the pieces performed on this tour were: Dummy, The Dunking Booth and Roof Dance.

At most venues, Weis and Heron hosted a series of workshops with community members. Weis selected a technical set up, such as Half & Half for the workshop, and then cast local dancers to perform alongside Heron and herself in the main event.


Performance history:

Dixon Place, NYC (1999 – premiere)
Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia (1999)
The Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA (1999)
Reed College, OR (2000)
Scripps College, CA (2001)
Colorado College, CO (2001)
Temple University, PA (2001)