Politicians (20 min)

Premiered April 27-30, 1995 at Performance Space 122, NYC
Performed by: Newt GingrichScott HeronIshmael Houston-JonesAnnie Iobst, Audrey KindredJennifer MillerJennifer Monson, and Cathy Weis with members of the audience

Performers: Anne Iobst, Weis<br>Photo: Dona Ann McAdams Performers: Anne Iobst, Weis<br>Screen Capture: Weis

As the audience enters and finds their seats, Weis uses the time to stage an interactive pre-show event. These events encourage the audience to engage with members of the cast and video technology. Weis discovered that this participation allows the audience to view the following performance with whetted imagination.

Politicians is one of these events. Audience members take turns walking onstage to look into a tightly zoomed camera. The images of their faces merge with the pre-recorded faces of politicians, The Three Stooges, cartoon characters and talking heads. The composite images morph one into the next. Their faces seem as if stuck inside a fish bowl with a school of guppies weaving past. The soundtrack – fractured conversations, news stories and ambient sounds – weaves everything together into a New York City pedestrian dance.


Performance history:

P.S. 122, NYC (1995 – premiere)
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC (1996)
Museum of Modern Art, Prague, Czech Republic (1997)