Show Me

Premiered January 5-13, 2001 at The Kitchen, NYC
New York performers: Cathy Weis, Jennifer Monson, Scott Heron, Erin Cornell, Zane Frazer, Ishmael Houston-Jones and Patricia Hoffbauer with Steve Hamilton and George Todd
Skopje performers: Gordana Dean Pop-Hristova, Nina Dean, Robert Ristov, Katerina Sehtanski and Iskra Sukarova with Jovica Mihajlovski


Performers: Scott Heron, Cathy Weis, audience participant<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performer: Cathy Weis<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performer: Jennifer Monson<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performer: Jennifer Monson<br>Screen Capture: Weis Performers: Scott Heron, Cathy Weis<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi Performer: Scott Heron<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi Performer: Erin Cornell<br>Animation: Phil Marden<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi Performer: Erin Cornell<br>Animation: Phil Martin<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi Performers: Erin Cornell, Zane Frazer, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Patricia Hoffbauer<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi Performers: Ishmael Houston-Jones, dancer live from Skopje<br>Contact Sheet: Rhav Cosi Alfasi

Show Me opens with the premiere of The Dunking Booth. This rowdy sideshow loosens up the audience members as they enter the theater and find their seats.

Following Jennifer Monson’s performance of Face to Face, Weis and Scott Heron perform A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad.

The final section, Not So Fast, Kid!, features three different casts of performers as family groups: one performing live in New York on the Kitchen stage, one streaming in over the Internet from Macedonia and the third an animation by cartoonist Phil Marden.

Weis’ long-term collaboration with Macedonian artists and culture inspired her to organize a short-story contest in Skopje. The winning submission, a coming-of-age story by Davor Petrovski, was used as the structure for this piece.

As they act out Petrovski’s tale, the three families coordinate movement and speech. Robert Ristov, streaming in live from Skopje, whispers the story of his father’s new shoes; Patricia Hoffbauer performs a solo live in New York; the animated characters dance.